Monday, August 02, 2010


Don't you ever think that although you feel that you're just normal person, having normal life, socialize with normal friend and living in normal house, you also can admire by others. By somebody that use to close to you. Your friend, class-mate, college-mate, team-mate or it can be anyone.

At some level of your life, you actually inspired somebody around you, even you don't realize it. Maybe you think you just done a little thing but it could give a big impact to others. It may change their thought and life. Who's know?

We not a loser for ever. Sometime we're heroes and give motivation to others. But sometimes, we're just pain in their ass.

Live with it. Do a good sincerely deed even though it is as small as eye could see rather than try to show off with what you can do. People don't see on what you can do, they see on what you have done. You also can be Oprah!

Just note to self.


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