Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Before i watched this movie, i already told my feeling of this movie to some of my friend. I said, this movie is female version of Jason Bourne. Government agent had a hidden agenda that show to audience that she is so bad but at the end, she is innocent.

After i watched this movie, i do think that my thought earlier is really true. Err... Almost at least. This movie is the succulent, mouth-watering version of Jason Bourne. Well-trained secret-agenda agent from Russia been swap with US Agent and wait for Day-X. But in the end, she been planned-release by her enemy-to-be-friend Agent.

Just so-so movie, and hate the ending. If there are no sequel, it's like very sucks movie. Huh! At least give an ending to Salt, not just throw her away at hyperthermia-Lake.


  1. kan kan kan?

    so-so je. bukanlah tak best, but tade something new.

  2. mmm betul betul betul...lenkali pilih citer besh sikit bile nk pergi tgk wayang...hehehe


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