Monday, August 02, 2010


Had a big supper with my friends late night. We had the Wak Radol's Satay, some beverage and a big talk. Each of them got stories to tell. And we gained a lot of new knowledge.

There are a kind that i met almost every week.

Last i met him on Friday. We watched SALT together. He is one of The Jantans. An academician at local university. When he talked about journal review, journal publish and all that stuff, i just got stunned! This dude is evolving to another phase of life. Hardly to believe :)

There are a kind that i met one in several week.

Last i met him was at night of Faiz & Famizah wedding. We had a karaoke session at Diva Southern City. He is man of little word. His world is only about lorry, kontena, lorry driver and replace colleague slot.

There are a kind that i met whenever he came back to Malaysia.

Last i met him was during Aidilfitri last year (2009). He is PHD-to-be. Also a academician at local university but in study leave for 3 years. He just arrive from Aussie last 2 days. Heading to Bangkok tomorrow for some academic conference. In order to complete his PHD, he must reading, study, head-breaking and talk a lot.

I love my friend because when we gather and talk about things, there are always a good conversation, no shit-talk, gain knowledge. Although i just listening they talking and know nothing about the topic.

Even they just "cerita kaum" among themselves, it not big deal for me to keep quiet and pick up something from their conversation.

That's what friend mean for, rite?


  1. That's what friends are for. Hmm, seems like you have a lot of friends, and i like the one that you called "the Jantans". Sound very familiar to me. :D

  2. Hahahahah. Weh, Jantans no.2.... Rasa rugi plak semlm tak cantas Umar satay byk2.

    Terliur lagi dowh.


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