Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When you working for a long hour, you eyes will get sleepy, enthuasiasm will faded, body will get tired. Usually, you will face your hallucination. Speak to unliving thing. Stamp pad, for example.

But mostly, this is what happen to me. Which is, very recently.

My stomach are screaming like hell, "Hey you bloody-workaholic! Get me a damn rice!".

I will definitely fight back, "I will let you fall a sick. Very sick until will scream and cry like a little kitten begging for life, and soon get the very long MC for reward. Scream like you want. I will win this battle."

Oh, i will smiling when i said that.

Oh! But it just me facing my hallucination! I wish it become reality. Not the sick part. The long MC part :)

Get to work. Finish my fuckin' stuff and get my fuckin' sleep very well.

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